17 Dogs That Don't Have Any Idea How HUGE They Are! (#16 Will Surprise You A Lot)...

17 Dogs That Don’t Have Any Idea How HUGE They Are! (#16 Will Surprise You A Lot)…


Dogs are affectionate, lovable and loyal to their humans. That’s why they are such a popular pet. Coming home to a dog who is so excited to see you can make you forget a bad day. These wonderful effects of dog ownership are amplified when that dog is of the larger variety. Big dogs are funny, cuddly and often have very goofy personalities. But they also rarely realize how big they really are. You may have a 150 pound dog that likes to sit on your lap or sleep on your bed. Big dogs are notoriously known for taking up the entire couch, leaving their humans a small piece on the end. But to big dog lovers, there is nothing like having that huge friend come up to you, tail wagging, to say how much you were missed while you were gone. The following 17 dogs are just a few examples of those huge dogs who simply don’t realize their size. This list includes a variety of dog breeds, some well-loved mixed breeds, and some pure bred dogs as well. What they all have in common is owners who appreciate the hilarity to comes with having a huge dog in the home.

#1. This big dog gives big hugs. 


#2. This dog doesn’t like the vet. 


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