This 10 Terrifying Pictures Prove That The World Is Pretty Much Ending

This 10 Terrifying Pictures Prove That The World Is Pretty Much Ending


Some areas in the United States dropped to their coldest temperatures in years as a polar vortex flooded the country from Canada, spreading into the Midwest and expanding to other states from coast to coast.

Wind chill in Minnesota reached -50 degrees Fahrenheit — that’s cold enough for exposed skin to get frostbite in 5 minutes. Plenty of other places saw sub-zero weather, temperatures so cold that many officials shut down schools, highways and tourist attractions as a means to try to keep people inside. Here are few spine-shivering photos.


Cold Commute

A commuter walks across the Chicago River in sub-zero temperatures.


Lake Michigan

A frozen Lake Michigan sits still in front of the Chicago skyline. Chicago felt a record low temperature of -16 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday.


Walking to Work

A man barrels through single digit temperatures in New York City as he walks by a steam vent.

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Trying to Keep Warm

Homeless men tried to sleep at a Metro Station in Washington, D.C. as temperatures slipped below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Walk on the Water

Mist rises along Lake Michigan.


Frozen Snow in Detroit

Detroit is still dealing with several icy inches of snow in the wake of Winter Storm Hercules and the polar vortex that has engulfed much of the nation.


Plane Delays

A man waits for a flight at Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Thousands of flights were canceled yesterday due to freezing temperatures.


Chicago Skyline

North Avenue Beach looked more like an ice rink on January 6, as Chicago temperatures fell farther than they ever had before.


Clearing a Path

A Detroit resident clears his sidewalk.


Frigid Night

A woman walks amid snow and steam in Detroit.

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